What people are saying...

"Taylor Moore has a rare and glorious gift! I'm enthralled with her technique, movement and passion!"

- Cassandra Wilson, Grammy Award-Winning Jazz Vocalist

"When she is performing, she's IN IT and that comes off the stage!... She has a lot of charisma and stage presence!"

- Boney James, Smooth Jazz Saxophonist 

"Taylor Moore is FIERCE!"

- Candy Dulfur, Smooth Jazz Saxophonist

"...Her music is hard-driving and rhymically gripping."

- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune Arts Critic

"...drumming rolls are magnificent, whether on drumset, timbales, or even on glassware...Pretty unbelievable!"

- Glenn A. Mitchell, LA Jazz Scene Arts Critic 

"Taylor Moore is the female Jamie Foxx."

- Tina Graham, Godmother of Urban Comedy

"...very funny, talented young lady with a very bright future."

- Terry Hodges, BET Comic View